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In Rajoo, Nakoda found a suitable partner for their products with the FOMEX REPE-1490-115/2100 foamed PE Sheet line that was recently commissioned at the Salem facility.

Landmark sale by Rajoo, India’s first Tandem Extrusion Physically Foamed EPE (expanded polyethylene) Sheet Line commissioned at Mysore Poly Foams, Salem facility (Nakoda Group).

EPE is today considered a very versatile and unique product due to low polymer content and its usefulness is further enhanced by the quality extruder solutions by Rajoo. This state-of-the-art Tandem extrusion physically foamed EPE sheet line FOMEX REPE-1490-115 / 2100 that was commissioned incorporates advanced features such as high pressure gas injection pump, volumetric master batch dosing unit mounted on hopper block, melt pressure transducers, hydraulic continuous screen changer with micro processor based circular temperature controller units, static charge eliminators, automatic winders etc. – truly a technological marvel!The line consists of 90mm/38D/75 kW primary melting extruder with hopper loader and 115 mm/30 D/56 kW secondary cooling extruder and produces , sheet of maximum width 2000mm in thickness range of 1 to 6mm. The line speed varies from 10MPM to 80MPM with an , output of 200 Kg/Hr.

EPE today, witnesses a significant surge in its application in sectors such as packaging, automobile, construction, insulation, marine, sports and many more.

The Nakoda foray into physically foamed EPE sheet solutions is a result of its strong experience in the line of PS/PP sheet thermoforming. It realised the growing importance of EPE, its unique characteristics as lower density, operational convenience and overall clean and green product. In Rajoo, Nakoda has found a suitable partner for their products with the FOMEX REPE-1490-115 / 2100 that was recently commissioned at their Mysore Poly Foams, Salem facility. Technology of the machine, the Rajoo experience in extrusion, qualified support systems as well as the ability of machine to deliver quality product consistently, were attributes that were evaluated by Nakoda, when making this purchase. The other choice was to source it either from Far East with lower technology and support levels or from Europe at substantially higher investment levels, but they preferred Rajoo.

Gauthamchand Jain, founder of Nakoda Group added, ‘The quality of the product surpassed all our expectations. The plant has been giving satisfactory results from day one. Rajoo Engineers Limited (REL) has supported us in all aspects. I am very impressed by the work carried out by their service team who commissioned the line in a perfect manner. Their suggestions starting from raw material combinations, operating, maintenance etc. were very helpful.

Sunil Jain, President, Rajoo Engineers said, ‘With one of the most impressive manufacturing facility in the plastic disposable industry in India, the Nakoda group has been a valued customer to us since 2004’. The company uses Two Layer PS/PP Sheetline Lamina as well as Two Thermoforming Machines from Rajoo. The relationship has only grown over the years with the High Output Sheet Lamina, Three Thermoforming Dispocon and now the revolutionary, Tandem Extrusion Physically Foamed EPE Sheet line.

About Rajoo
Based in Rajkot, Rajoo Engineers Limited, having made a modest beginning in 1986, has today emerged as an undisputed global player in blown film and sheet extrusion lines. Owing to its focused efforts in blown film and sheet extrusion lines, the Company enjoys premium market position in this segment. Being a technology driven Company, product innovations, world-class quality, state-of-the-art workmanship, increased energy efficiency and high levels of sophistication and automation have become the hallmark of Rajoo products during all these years, positioning the Company's products on a global platform, competing with the established world leaders. With representations in many countries of the world and customers in over 50 countries, the Company's exports have multiplied after its debut in the international market in 1990. (www.rajoo.com)