EMS-CHEMIE: Energy from timber instead of natural gas

EMS-CHEMIE AG, and especially the business area Performance Polymers, believe in renewable energy and have been successful in achieving a sustainable reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 80 % at the production site in Domat/Ems.

Domat/Ems is idyllically located in the Swiss canton Grisons and is perhapsa rather unusual location for a chemical facility. However, for EMS-CHEMIE AG as manufacturer of polyamide speciality products, Domat/Ems is the right location from both an economical and ecological point of view.

Previously, process steam necessary for manufacturing was generated primarily using the fossil fuel natural gas. Compared to other energy sources, this was already a environmentally friendly and energy efficient solution. Today, the biomass power station Tegra, located on the production site of EMSCHEMIE AG, produces practically all the process steam required. In co-operation between the Tegra Holz & Energie AG and the engineering department of EMSCHEMIE AG, process steam has been generated using CO2-neutral energy since the end of 2008. The previously used plant for generating steam is now only operated in emergency situations. Thanks to the biomass power station, CO2-emissions at the production site in Domat/Ems have been reduced by more than 80 %. Timber, which is available in great quantities from the surrounding woods, as well as tree bark from a neighbouring large timber works, are fired to heat three independent boilers. The process steam required by EMS is then transported via a feed system on the production site. Surplus steam is used to drive a condensation turbine to generate electricity and to heat the timber-drying facilities in the timber works next door. With a total performance of 82 MW, this power plant is one of the largest in Western Europe. The surprisingly low exhaust gas emission values take a top place in a European comparison.

Through use CO2-neutral process steam, EMS has been successful in markedly improving the CO2 balance sheet of all speciality polyamide products manufactured in Domat/Ems (Grilamid, Grivory and Grilon). Naturally, this also applies to those products in the GreenLine product series which are in addition based on renewable raw materials.

Photo Copyright: TEGRA Holz & Energie AG

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