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ELASTOSIL® Silicone Rubber for Vibration Dampers

ELASTOSIL® R 752 silicones cure to form elastomers that are significantly less elastic than standard cured silicone rubber. As a result, they have a strong damping effect on shocks, bumps and unwelcome vibrations.

At the same time, they feature all the typical properties of silicones, such as high heat resistance, low-temperature flexibility and aging resistance. Thus, the ELASTOSIL® R 752 series is ideal for making vibration dampers, especially those needed in automotive technology.

The two new grades, which crosslink to form elastomers with Shore A hardness values of 30 and 70, offer silicone converters much greater processing latitude. The solid silicone rubbers can be processed by conventional compression and injection molding. They offer a compelling combination of minimal dependence of the loss angle on temperature, unchanged damping properties even after a long service life, and outstanding heat resistance.

The highly elastic ELASTOSIL® R 101 silicone elastomers meet all the major requirements imposed on engine hydromounts and so are ideal for meeting the growing challenges within the automotive industry. The silicone elastomers have very high elasticity and are extremely resistant to permanent loads. Their outstanding heat tolerance renders the product highly reliable over the vehicle’s entire lifetime.