Wacker Chemie AG

ELASTOSIL® Silicone Rubber for Cooling Systems


The new peroxide-curing solid silicone rubber has been specially developed for extrusion of hoses. ELASTOSIL® 416/70 features superior green strength and a non-tacky surface. As a result, uncured "endless" hose blanks retain their shape during downstream processing. As it cures, the new solid silicone rubber adheres well to fabrics, forming a strong bond with them. This makes it possible to produce fabric-reinforced silicone hoses capable of providing the necessary pressure resistance. When cured, ELASTOSIL® 416/70 delivers all the advantages that typify silicones: high heat resistance and flexibility, high aging and continuous fatigue resistance.

ELASTOSIL® 3022/60

Standard silicone elastomers are not really suitable as sealants in the hot areas of engine cooling circuits as some of their key properties relating to leak-tightness, such as elasticity and high resilience, deteriorate as soon as contact is made with coolant at temperatures exceeding 100 °C.

At K 2013, WACKER is presenting an enhanced silicone rubber for making seals that are perfectly suited to cooling systems. A platinum-cured liquid silicone rubber, ELASTOSIL® 3022/60 features very low compression set. Measurements show that the compression set of ELASTOSIL® 3022/60 is no greater than 50 percent, even after a thousand hours in a coolant at a temperature of 125 °C. In addition, the new silicone rubber exhibits very good low-temperature flexibility down to -45 °C. ELASTOSIL® 3022/60 can be injection molded with ease and thus makes cost-effective mass production of molded parts possible.