Wacker Chemie AG

ELASTOSIL® Film – A Novel Silicone Presentation Form

The new range of 100% silicone films constitutes a completely new presentation form that greatly extends the reach of high-tech silicone technology. By combining excellent silicone material properties with high-accuracy film production, WACKER’s 100% silicone films are the materials of choice for a wide variety of innovative applications ranging from energy harvesting to wound care.

Fabricated in a clean room environment, the ELASTOSIL® Film range is available in a consistent, highly accurate thickness of down to 20 μm and offers pioneering, key advantages over other dielectric polymers: the new silicone films feature a combination of high-temperature stability and low-temperature flexibility coupled with high dielectric strength and high specific resistivity. These electrical and mechanical properties remain unchanged over a wide temperature and elongation range. The high level of elasticity confers durability over millions of cycles.

The novel silicone films are biocompatible and chemically inert and are highly permeable to gas and water vapor. They are the materials of choice for dielectric elastomers in innovative applications that employ EAP technology, such as actuator technology (“artificial muscles“), generator technology (energy harvesting) and sensor technology. In addition, the combination of excellent silicone material properties and our special high-accuracy, low-variation film properties make ELASTOSIL® Film the perfect material for demanding applications such as functional membranes, protective films, functional packaging and wound care applications.