EFIBCA: Slight decrease of FIBC imports to EU in 2012

Compared to 2011, the value of FIBC imports to the EU dropped slightly by 2.3% to a total of 331.5 Mio. € in 2012.

The decrease of exports to the EU affected the absolute production figures in the top 6 exporting countries. Nevertheless, Turkey consolidated its leadership as FIBC exporter to the EU with a slight increase of market share to now approximately 40%. India remained in second place with stable export figures (35%), followed by China (11%). Furthermore, the imports to EU from Bangladesh (5%) and Serbia (3 %) stayed on a constant level. Remarkably, Vietnam (1%) was able to increase the value of imported FIBC to the EU despite of the general drop. In the contrary, Thailand has lost market shares and lost its position among the top 6 exporting countries to the EU.

After a deep slump in 2009, the imports of FIBC to the EU caught up in 2010 (267.5 Mio. €). and reached a total of 339.2 Mio. € in 2011. The value of imported big bags could however still not reach to results of 2008 (358.8 Mio. €).

The European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (EFIBCA) represents the interests of FIBC manufacturers, distributors and material suppliers towards authorities, regulatory bodies, the public and other institutions connected with the FIBC business. EFIBCA is the European platform for exchange and cooperation on quality, safety and regulatory issues and provides guidance for the FIBC user.

More information: www.efibca.com

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