EFESTO and RPM Innovations form global metal 3D-printing partnership


EFESTO LLC is a rapidly growing enterprise committed to engineering an industrial revolution in the field of 3D printing of metals and metal composites. Formed under Vania Services LLC, which specializes in delivering additive manufacturing solutions to the global marketplace, the primary technology currently being implemented at EFESTO is 3D metal printing with Laser Metal Deposition (LMD).

At RAPID 2014, EFESTO and RPM Innovations (RPMI), both rapidly growing enterprises specializing in metal 3D printing technology and applications, announced a long term global strategic partnership to offer a comprehensive range of professional grade, industrially hardened, and production proven LMD equipment and services. Focus applications include repair, free-form builds of medium/large functional prototypes, hybrid manufacturing and R&D.

Robert Mudge, CEO of RPI Innovations and RPM & Associates, explained that RPMI originally purchased its first LMD machine from an outside manufacturer in 2004. "By 2007 we realized this system was not large enough or robust enough for our growing operations," Mudge said. "We began investigating existing laser system integrators that could build us a larger premium system so we could meet our customer needs."
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