Eurochiller S.r.l.

EFC: Eco Free Cooler

The manufacturers of cooling equipments are since long questioning on the way to cut energy consumption into cooling equipments and reduce the spreading of CO2 into the environment.

Eurochiller, always committed to play a role in the safeguarding of the environment, answers this with an avant-garde unit called EFC - Eco Free Cooler, combining the energy saving provided by a dry-cooler with the thermal efficiency of an evaporating tower.

The EFC system has been studied and designed following the modularity concept which allows the addition of further modules to the starting one, thus granting to the buyer the double advantage coming on one hand from the possibility of adjusting the investment to the needs of the moment not precluding, on the other one, future expansions against new cooling requirements due to production increases.

All those applications which are presently operated by evaporating towers may be then easily replaced by this pioneering unit which works with no water consumption in closed circuit, with the result that water is not polluted by weeds, microorganisms or calcium carbonates and with further safeguard of the cleanness of heat exchangers and of the water condensers of the chillers.

EFC may be applied within all those industrial processes when water between 0°C and 30°C is required and, thanks to its original cooling concept, it twill be possible to grant temperatures close to the wet bulb value.

When coupled to the MCHILL units, the EFC system may result in a cooling plant able to provide different temperatures to the moulds and to the heat exchangers of the injection moulding machines.

Alternatively, when combined with ABF units which are specifically dedicated to the extrusion field, EFC will be able to provide a top efficiency level even under hard ambient conditions (beyond +45°C), letting the ABF unit express its own performances at the best.