Vetaphone A/S

EASI-Plasma Open House

Vetaphone Corona and Plasma
Vetaphone's EASI-Plasma system works on the same principles as a Corona system, but by replacing the oxygen with gases or monomers, the EASI-Plasma can create new and innovative abilities on the film surface. The EASI-Plasma system does this with a significantly lower amount of consumables than any other solution on the market.

Benefits of EASI-Plasma:
• Higher and longer lasting dyne values
• Replace your primer or coating unit with a cheaper solution
• Nano-coating thickness only 5-50 nm
• Anti-fog
• Hydrophilic or Hydrophobic surface
• A large variety of other abilities

EASI-Plasma provides a wide range of benefits for the coating and converting processes; such as nano-coating, anti-fog properties, low surface ageing and higher dyne levels.

EASI-Plasma reduces production costs by eliminating the need to use expensive primer, so the cost per m2 is reduced significantly. As the layer of primer is not needed, it is possible to produce much thinner film.

Similar advantages are present, when using the EASI-Plasma for nano-coating. By making the nano-coated layer only 5-50 nm thick, the EASI-Plasma brings down the cost per m2 and creates possibilities to produce new innovative thinner films.

All in all there is a great potential for saving resources and creating new surface abilities by employing EASI-Plasma.

Meet us at our stand: Hall 10 / A59 to hear more about our EASI-Plasma technology.