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Dynisco Poised for Growth in Europe, Middle East

As the economic recession eases, Dynisco is optimistic about growth opportunities in traditionally strong markets like Germany and other western European countries, and it is expanding into newer economic regions including Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

“We’re seeing a strong up-tick in our European business,” says Lorenz Kirberich, Sales Manager Europe, Dynisco Plastics Segment. “In fact, I think it is safe to say that we are seeing a higher level of activity than before the crisis began. Over the last two years, major refurbishing and upgrading projects faded away almost completely, but these are now back on track. Large resin producers, compounders and finished product manufacturers in Germany and elsewhere are renovating their extrusion lines, and that means they are buying new instrumentation. I think this is a very strong indicator that the industry is recovering rapidly.”

In Western Europe, Dynisco is well known for the accuracy and reliability of its sensors and enjoys a growing reputation for providing complete, integrated control solutions for extrusion and other plastics processes where pressure and temperature are critical.

“We expect that we will continue to see a solid market with modest growth over the long term,” Kirberich continues. “In eastern Europe and the Middle East, on the other hand, the market is not as well developed, but the potential exists for very strong growth over the next five to ten years, and we want to position ourselves to catch that wave of development.”

He says that oil and energy companies in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East are expanding downstream and installing extrusion capacity rapidly. Forecasts indicate the market could grow at 25 to 30% per year.

With that in mind, the Company is hiring new managers in these regions to work locally with existing distributors and customers. This approach is intended to build on the strength of the Dynisco’s successful agent-based structure, while getting closer to the customer, learning their requirements and developing products and services that meet the unique needs in the region.

This model is working very well already in Asia, where Dynisco already has installed new regional marketing managers. A manufacturing operation in Perak, Malaysia, ensures faster delivery and better responsiveness to the Asia market and makes it possible to develop and produce superior products that can compete successfully with other locally produced devices offering fewer features.

At the same time that it is implementing these regional strategies, Dynisco is also taking its global strategy to the regions. That calls for the Company to expand beyond the individual sensors and components for which it has become so well known and offer an integrated package of technology that suits the needs of plastics processors and equipment manufacturers in the second decade of the 21st century. By introducing complete extruder control systems like OPT•TROL™, new pressure and temperature instrumentation like the SPX-T transmitter, and innovative laboratory equipment like the VTM dynamic mechanical analyzer for polyolefins (all of which are on display at K 2010), Dynisco seeks to offer a complete polymer solution “from pellet to part.”

Leveraging the strength of its existing sales and service structure, and adding new products and new personnel, Dynisco is poised to become a complete solution provider with capabilities that will ensure continued growth in around the world.

About Dynisco
Dynisco is the leading provider of accurate, robust and reliable measurement and control solutions for extrusion and other plastics processes where pressure and temperature are critical. The Dynisco Plastics Segment is part of a global organization providing sensing technologies, control equipment and analytical instrumentation for a wide range of industrial applications. The Company has manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Malaysia. Dynisco serves a diverse group of customers throughout the world, including OEMs, distributors and end users. For more information about Dynisco, visit the Company’s new website at www.dynisco.com.