Durable, lightweight PC sheet homes in on aircraft interiors


Polycarbonate (PC) sheet available in clear and lightweight options will reportedly help provide long-awaited solutions to airlines' quests for differentiated cabin interior designs while also helping to take out significant weight, resulting in a more fuel efficient aircraft.

Available from Sabic as clear Lexan XHR2000 sheet and Lexan Light F6L300 sheet, design engineers will reportedly benefit from these lightweight, durable materials which can help to reduce system costs, offer ease of fabrication and comply with the industry's strict regulatory standards.

"Sabic understands the need for its aircraft interior customers to not only stay ahead of design trends, but also to meet the demand for lighter weight aircraft interior components that can help improve overall fuel efficiency of the aircraft. Sabic's durable, lightweight Lexan XHR2000 and Lexan Light F6L300 sheet solutions are market-first solutions, created to help our customers remain at the forefront of innovation in this exciting environment where aesthetics, safety and sustainability are all critical," said Kim Choate, Director of Mass Transportation for Sabic's Innovative Plastics business.
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