Duley Engineering helps meet demand for large thermoformed parts with automated trim cells


The complexity, part size and increasing quantities of thermoformed parts are the primary drivers of demand for automation in thermoforming. Robotic trimming solutions specifically have evolved to meet these increasing demands. “It’s very much changing,” said Andy Duley, President of Duley Engineering. Duley designs and builds TrimBotics, the company’s precision routing cells.

At the company’s booth at the recent SPE Thermoforming conference, Duley noted how much more precise and accurate trimming can be with the company’s new equipment. “We can trim at any speed within an accuracy of ±0.15mm (0.006 in.), which means that our TrimBobotics cells are as precise as metal trim dies,” he told PlasticsToday. “The TrimBotics cell is much more flexible than a trim die because it has the flexibility of easily changing trim lines or adding/removing holes or cutouts.”
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