DuPont nylon at 80; a critical material for auto light weighting


Polyamide (PA) 66 resin was invented in 1935 by DuPont Researcher Wallace Carothers and in its initial fiber form, "Nylon revolutionized the fashion industry," in the words of Debra Hughes, curator of collections and exhibits and the Hagley Museum and Library. "Beyond textile, Nylon opened the world to new design ideas. It's a material that changed the world," she adds.

Polyamide's versatility and strength, backed by science to coax out added performance and a global development network to support customers, proved to be the formula that earned the material its reputation and its place as one of DuPont's most successful products. (In this tribute to PA provided by DuPont, we refer to the material hereinafter as nylon, the generic designation popularized by the company. The material is also produced by many other suppliers globally in various forms such as 6, 6T, 12 and 46, 11 and mXD6)
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