DuPont extends Biesterfeld Plastic resin-distribution collaboration into Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Ukraine

Effective September 1st, 2012, for Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and October 1st, 2012, for Ukraine, DuPont Performance Polymers (DPP) has reinforced its collaboration with Biesterfeld Plastic by extending its distribution agreement into these four countries.

The new agreement is a extension of the two companies´ long-standing partnership that was founded in 1987. DPP started its relationship with Biesterfeld Plastic in Germany in 1987. Since then it has been extended to include BeNeLux, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Austria and CEE, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey and now Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Ukraine.

The new agreement includes DuPont™Crastin® PBT, DuPont™Delrin acetal, DuPont™Elvamide®, DuPont™Hytrel® TPC-ET, DuPont™Hytrel® Renewably Sourced , DuPont™Minlon® PA, DuPont™Rynite® PET, DuPont™Sorona®EP, DuPont®Zytel PA, DuPont™Zytel® PLUS, DuPont™Zytel® HTN, and DuPont®Zytel Renewably Sourced.