DuPont: Safer, more durable cables with halogen-free flame resistant compounds

Flame-retardant cables and hoses for the highly regulated railway, marine, military and automotive industries have reached new levels of safety, durability and ease of installation with insulation and jacketing compounds based on ethylene acrylic elastomer (AEM). According to DuPont, optimized compounds combine enhanced fire and oil resistance with better low temperature flexibility (without plasticizer), and heat resistance up to 175 °C.

For the automotive industry, typ Vamac G is used for applications such as transmission wire jacketing, protective ignition wire sleeving and battery cables. For the railway industry, where high flame retardance, low smoke and low toxicity are critical, variant DP is one solution of choice for power and communication cables. In addition, the AEM accepts the high levels of metal oxide fillers required in high-performance low fire hazard compounds for rail transportation, as well those for military, marine and oil and gas applications.

More Information: www.dupont.com

DKT 2012, 2.-5.7.2012, Nürnberg