DuPont’s new packaging film targets PE, aims to cut energy and waste


DuPont has released a new transparent packaging polymer designed to protect three-dimensional component surfaces while also conserving energy and reducing waste in a variety of packaging applications.

The process is the result of joint development work between DuPont, machinery producer Zappe Verpackungs, and machine and film producer Jura-Plast.

DuPont's Surlyn packaging resins are made from ethylene acid copolymers, in which the acid groups are partially neutralized with either zinc or sodium ions. The acid in the polymer gives polarity and reduces crystallinity.

"These interactions produce outstanding toughness, stiffness, and resistance," Barry Morris, DuPont Packaging senior scientist, told PlasticsToday.

Surlyn is available in a wide range of grades, each with a different balance of properties. DuPont tailors the properties of each grade by adjusting the acid content in the polymer, its molecular weight, the amount of neutralization and neutralization ion (zinc or sodium), and additive content....
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