Dropping DEHP plasticizer? Do so with care

Care is required when mating nonvinyl thermoplastic to plasticized PVC, according to a new study by specialty compounder Teknor Apex Co. (Pawtucket, RI).

The study examines plasticizer migration as it may affect non-PVC thermoplastics that are widely used for medical device components which come into contact with components made of PVC.

The results shows that in several device applications certain plasticizers may cause softening, cracking, or other defects in non-PVC components as they migrate across the interface with the component made of PVC, while other plasticizers exhibit little or no such effects

"Teknor Apex conducted this study to help manufacturers make informed decisions about prospective alternative PVC formulations, and indeed about the materials used in conjunction with PVC," says Peter M. Galland, industry manager for medical compounds in the Vinyl Division....

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