Dr. Thiele: 6th China International Recycled Polyester Forum

15-17 Sep 2010, Jinling Jinma Hotel Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

The 6th China International Recycled Polyester Forum is to be held during 15-17 Sep 2010. The conference is to provide valuable insights into dynamics of the polyester recycling chain from bottle and waste collection to flake processing and product trading including market development and process technology to give latest opinions and exchange ideas about current market status and industry focuses:

• Low-carbon Concept
As an industry embracing the concept of low-carbon, recycling industry is attracting greater concern nowadays. To cope with requirements of cost-efficient and environment protection is not barely kind of a fashionable concept, but more importantly, it plays a key role in expanding overseas market and avoid trading barrier. It's time for players of the industry to comply with relevant policies and get themselves certificated in accordance to international standards. Fibers and bottles of lowest CO2 footprint and quality features equal to products from virgin raw materials is one main technical issue,

• Development with Self-restraint
With total annual capacity in China expected to get close to 7 million ton in 2010, in sufficient flake supply is a major challenge. While flake prices kept firming, higher tax, energy costs and payment on workers are also bringing production costs higher. Tough there are more players seeking for higher technologies and value-added, they will remain vulnerable to polyester prices. Cooperation and self-restraint are still essential to the industry.

• Policies
With China government to pursue tight currency policy and RMB appreciation in store, combined with supportive policies for the industry expected to take effect, there will be challenges accompanied with opportunities.

• Market development
Monitoring and analyzing continuously the market development of the whole polyester recycling chain in China and international and providing compact and useful information is an important result of the cooperation between CCFEI and PCI. Both companies are providing an insight into the current market development.

• Technology
Speeding up the industrial development and increasing the up-to-dateness of Chinese polyester recycling industry significantly it is useful to combine best practice and knowhow of China with latest international technology. Examples are reducing processing cost by the application of intelligent flake sorting, applying new extrusion and degassing technology, minimizing the number of process steps to save energy, manpower and increase product quality at the same time, improve in-house polyester fiber recycling or establish new concepts for decontamination in bottle to bottle recycling are some important highlights to attract our conference participants.
Participants: Recycled fiber producers, recycled film, bottle and strapping producer, equipment and technology provider, traders, suppliers of flake, and producer of finish-oil and accessory. Senior officials from relevant industry associations.

Related institutes and consultants
Supporter: China Chemical Fiber Association (CCFA)
Organizers: Recycled Fiber Committee of CCFA
China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI)
Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology
PCI PET Packaging, Resin & Recycling Ltd

Registration time: Sep 15, 2010 Conference time: Sep 16-17, 2010
Conference place: Jinling Jinma Hotel Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Hotel address: 218 Tonghui Mid-Road, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China
Hotel Tel: 86-571-82887888, Hotel Fax: 86-571-82711579

Language: Chinese and English (Simultaneous Interpretation)
For registration and more information please turn to www.ccfei.net or www.ce-pip.com/events.htm or send a mail to wengyijie@cnfiber.com or wallaceweng@263.net, justin@cnfiber.com, justin_ecust@hotmail.com, drthiele@polyester-technology.com.