Dow Automotive wins Golden Mousetrap award for structural adhesive


Betamate 1630 structural adhesive from Dow Automotive Systems (Auburn Hills, MI) has been selected as the winner of a 2015 Golden Mousetrap award in the category of Materials Assembly: Fastening, Joining and Assembly Components. The program recognizes design, engineering, and manufacturing in North America and was hosted by UBM Canon (owner of PlasticsToday) and Design News.

Used to bond the body structure of automobiles during assembly, Betamate 1630 enables the use of dissimilar substrates like carbon fiber composites, aluminum or light-weight steel to achieve weight savings, improved fuel and assembly efficiencies, and sustainability. Betamate polyurethane (PU) structural adhesives have previously been used in the Deep Orange 4 team at Clemson University, contributing to vehicle lightweighting.

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