Dow’s Thai elastomer JV to startup June 1


Dow Chemical will have nearly 2 billion lb of polyolefin elastomers capacity as of June 1 when its new specialty elastomers plant begins commercial manufacturing operations. Located in Rayong Province, Thailand, the SCG-Dow joint venture completed a successful startup on May 17, laying the groundwork for full-scale operations in two weeks time.

Luis Cirihal, Dow Elastomers global business director, said in a release that the new Thailand plant "grows Dow's global asset base, enables Dow to expand our reach in Asian markets, maintain a cost-competitive position, and brings leading polyolefin elastomer capabilities to the region."

Dow Elastomers includes wide range of flexible plastics and adhesives, with several brands. Engage polyolefin elastomers combine flexibility and toughness for a variety of applications, including some automotive. Its Affinity line of polyolefin plastomers offer strong adhesion at high and low temperatures and good processability for packaging and other applications. Infuse olefin block copolymers (OBCs) consist of polyolefins with alternating blocks of highly rigid and very soft elastomeric segments. Versify plastomers and elastomers represent a family of specialty propylene-ethylene copolymers that offer films, fibers, and molded parts a combination of excellent optics, sealing, and hot tack performance, plus elasticity, flexibility, softness, and compatibility in blends...
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