Does your shop do quality control or quality assurance?


Do you know the difference between quality control and quality assurance? If getting paid means delivering acceptable parts, i.e. quality, you better. In a free one-hour webcast at PlasticsToday, injection molding consultant Bill Tobin will spell out the difference between quality control and quality assurance.

Quality in Injection Molding - Quality's Involvement Throughout The Product Life starts with some important definitions:
•Quality control assumes your are making bad parts and tries to stop them from being shipped.
•Quality assurance assumes a stable process and looks for process consistency.

Over the course of the webcast, Bill will also address the relationship between quality, price, and delivery and help you determine if your quality standards are defined, understood, and achievable. In doing so you will learn the four dimensional classifications, the six bad (but very common) quality practices, the four criteria for quality, and how to establish a cosmetic standards test. In addition, the webcast will cover guidelines for a proper visual inspection, including distance and lighting.
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