IsoCool Limited

Does this spell the end of the cooling tower?

Save water, reduce running costs and increase the longevity of your plant with the brand new Eco Free Cooler, launched exclusively to the UK market by process cooling specialists, IsoCool.
Designed and manufactured by world-leading manufacturer EuroChiller, the Eco Free Cooler is a dual system device that automatically operates as an adiabatic dry cooler or an air blast cooler, depending upon ambient conditions.
As an adiabatic cooler, the Eco Free Cooler offers excellent performance even in ambient temperatures of 40oC+. Its closed circuit system also makes it a safe and cost-effective alternative to evaporative cooling towers: air contamination is eliminated, reducing health and safety issues, plus limestone and water wastage are eradicated, saving valuable utility and water treatment fees.
In addition, the Eco Free Cooler can be utilised as an energy saving device to provide partial and up to 100% direct air cooling, offloading chillers and their inherent high running costs. The energy savings involved can lower annual operating costs by 50% or more, saving thousands of pounds.
Available in a self-draining version that works without glycol, the Eco Free Cooler will run even when ambient temperatures reach freezing point. This offers far greater environmental credentials and increased cooling capacity, since anti-freeze lowers the thermal exchange coefficient. Its self-draining ability also makes the system more reliable as the contents of the coil and pipes will empty automatically when the unit is switched off.
The Eco Free Cooler standard units have cooling capacities from 60 to 600kW, and can be expanded easily thanks to its compact modular design. The end result is a space-saving, highly energy and water efficient system, which can be installed quickly with minimum initial outlay and low maintenance costs, offering an excellent return on investment.