Do you want your kid to get a manufacturing job?


In a study released in June by Deloitte LLP and the U.S. Council on Competitiveness, the study found that, not surprisingly, the United States is losing ground relative to nations in Asia from a competitive manufacturing standpoint. In an interview with Craig Giffi, the report's research-team leader and coauthor and who serves as vice chairman and national industry leader for consumer and industrial products at Deloitte LLP, he notes that "a lot of studies look at [competitiveness] but we try to do a forward look-where will we be five years from now?"

Giffi's take is that the U.S. will continue to lose its edge and this is a wake-up call that things need attention. Asia is emerging as the top location-China, India, Korea. Six of the top 12 manufacturing countries will be in Asia. "This is further evidence of a fundamental shift," notes Giffi. "Combine that with the fact that other industrialized nations are seeing significant degradation in manufacturing, it's rather sobering.

"Talent-driven innovation is the secret for industrialized economies like the U.S.," says Giffi. "The U.S. has the talent-driven component of this, but can we keep our hold on that?"...
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