Do we need a ‘Stupid User Law’ to save manufacturing?


It seems that some people in this country want manufacturing jobs—they just don’t want manufacturing. Over the past couple of decades there have been numerous lawsuits against product manufacturers (many of them plastic product manufacturers) for products that have caused injury or even death to users. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is the watchdog for products that are inherently defective in design or manufacture, and in most cases companies issue voluntary product recalls when alerted to a problem.

That’s what makes the case of Blitz USA, a blowmolder of the ubiquitous red gasoline cans, all the more puzzling. On July 31, the company closed its doors and laid off all 117 employees at its Miami, OK plant—driven out of business by a sudden onslaught of lawsuits brought by an attorney firm after the company settled two suits out of court in multimillion-dollar payouts....
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