Do rotating cubes stack up to expectations?

Rotating cube molds (also known as “stack cube” molds) have a long history but not necessarily a history of commercial success. While the technology for these molds has evolved over the past decade resulting in various patents by a number of mold manufacturing companies and even OEMs, rotating cube molds are not ubiquitous in molding. In fact, the actual market for these complex rotating stack molds that can do everything except the dirty dishes, remains sluggish.

In some cases, OEMs have found that the rotating cube molds are not as efficient as stack molds with the secondary operations done post-molding. Is it worth the cost – in both cycle time and money – to choose a rotating cube mold over a stack mold? The applications that make the rotating cube mold optimal tend to be very specific, and require evaluating the alternatives before OEMs choose this technology....

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