Distortion-free edge light lens molded from acrylic in two-shot process


Nowadays in automotive design, lighting functions not only to provide illumination and signaling for the driver: it also more often than not contributes to the unique design of a vehicle.

For the new Porsche Macan, lighting specialist Hella developed a completely new rear lighting system incorporating light strips for guiding LED light. Using this approach, the signal light can be integrated flexibly and in a space-saving manner into the outer skin of the vehicle body. From an external perspective, the signal lights are smoothly integrated into the rear of the vehicle, which give the Porsche Macan its distinctive appearance.

The heart of the brake light is a thick-walled part molded of acrylic (PMMA) resin, which is the so-called light module or light strip. This part, which has a highly complex prism geometry and reflective properties for light guidance, was developed in partnership with toolmaker Hofmann Innovation (Lichtenfels, Germany). The light module also required the production team at Hella to fulfil high standards in production quality. A thick-walled PMMA body needed to be molded with two-shot injection molding technology that was absolutely distortion-free.

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