Disruptive battery separator technology challenges polyolefins


A separator technology based on polyimide nanofibe promises to produce a breakthrough in electric vehicle lithium ion battery technology while causing concern among current producers of polyolefin separators according to a report from Eldib Engineering and Research Inc. (Berkeley Heights, NJ). The study issued by Eldib describes the advantages of DuPont's new Energain lithium ion battery separator.

DuPont's (Wilmington, DE) Energain separators reportedly afford 15-30% in power gain through their high temperature polyimide nano-diameter non-woven mat construction. After extensive testing and evaluation by a substantial number of auto OEM's and battery producers, the evaluators conclude that this new development will enable the LIB's in autos to be much lighter for the power needs, and get longer driving range. In addition, DuPont claims Energain will realize longer battery life. The fibers used are made by electro blown spinning and hot air blowing of a polyimide solution.

While not specifically claimed by DuPont, the properties of the high temperature non-woven mat suggests additional benefits for the batteries produced with Energain separators. These include: improved mileage of the electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in (HEVs) for the same battery power as a result of the battery pack being significantly lighter in weight....
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