Discover the Micro Laser Grains

Example of laser texturing with Micro Laser Grains by ML Engraving
ML Engraving introduces the Micro Laser Grains, a new kind of grains made by laser, thanks to which designers can create artistic decorations on molds.

The grains: from concealing to artistic decoration

Grains were born in order to conceal the defects of the surfaces caused during the moulding phase. Moulds were treated by means of EDM or chemical process.
Not only can the Micro Laser Grains conceal defects, but they can are thought especially to enrich objects with geometric or artistic decorations, patters or drawings on the entire mould or on specific areas

The Micro Laser Grains offer many technical and aesthetic advantages. The MLG can:

- maintain edges;
- be engraved on welded moulds;
- be engraved on EDM-treated moulds;
- be easily removed without compromising the moulds;
- guarantee accuracy in micro details;
- create a velvet effect on the surface.

Micro Laser Grains are available either in ISO 1302 (N) scale and VDI (CH) scale.