Digital co-design of surface textures

3D Render by ML Engraving of the X-Seat saddle by Acerbis

ML Engraving is ready to impress the visitors of K Messe with brand new services from laser engraving and digital co.design.

One of the most important advantages offered by the laser is the digital work management. Traditional etching systems suffer from the gap between the design stage and the texture laying stage, which is still manual.

Thanks to its exclusive D.R.E.® - Design Rendering Engineering,  ML Engraving performs the entire production cycle through files that can be read by CAD machines.

Amongst the many digital services, ML Engraving has developed a series of co-design processes and services that join the creative activity of the style center.

In Conceptual Texturing, given a product, the texture designers at ML Engraving study the most appropriate textures and their placement so that the texture adds preciousness to the product without burdening it unnecessarily. This service includes the creation of a mini catalogue with 6-8 customized graphic proposals.

The Company has also started a research that aims at the creation of exclusive collections based on the study of trends, contaminations with art, culture, creative elements from other
disciplines. This kind of research is already frequent in the field of materials or geometries but nothing similar exists to date in the texture sector.
These collections will serve as inspiration for style centers and it will be possible to personalize them with guidelines provided by designers so as to maintain the brand’s identity.

Another ML Engraving co-design service that is much appreciated is the ability to translate an idea, a feeling, an intuition, or a concept into a texture, into something solid. Indeed designers oftend draw inspiration from pictures, works of art if not even evocative images, music and then search for a texture that can recall a given effect.

There are also several reverse engineering services organized by growing degrees of complexity. From scanning with most modern software to mesh editing, i.e. the creation of stl. Files, to inspection (conformity analysis of the 3D file) to 3D drawing, i.e. the creation of .igs files.

Come round to stand D30 at pavillon 4.

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