Dictionary of Man-Made Fibers

The updated second edition of the Dictionary of Man-Made Fibers - Terms, Figures, Statistics is based on the 12th German edition of the Chemiefaser-Lexikon, published in 2008, and informs with over 1,200 terms and about 1,300 literary references about the whole spectrum of the man-made fibres industry.

The book provides information on raw materials, basic fibre technology, fibre properties, and end-uses, and also contains global statistics. Furthermore, it focuses on new fibre developments such as microfibres, lyocell fibres, polylactide fibres, elastolefin fibres, nanofibres, and technical fibre specialities.

It also contains a historic overview of the global fibres industry. New to this edition are technical fibres for hightech applications as well as trends in man-made fibres. The focus of the dictionary lies in technical and commercial aspects. The book is highly recommendable as a reference work for fibre and textile professionals as well as students.