Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. (Head Office & Factory)

Demonstration at K2010

Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd., Japan, an innovator in the stretch-blow molding machine industry for 33 years, will
demonstrate at the K’2010 two new machine models.

●ASB-150DPW: Mass Production of Small Containers and Jars
A new addition to the ASB Series lineup, the ASB-150DPW is the highest productivity model of the series. This highly flexible machine will be molding 500ml jars in 18 cavities in a double-row configuration. The new machine has the same footprint as the company's established ASB-150DP model but features a double-row mold configuration, doubling the cavitation available to a maximum of 36 compared to 18 on the single-row machine.

The ASB-150DPW can make containers with volumes ranging from 50 ml to 1.5L at a rate of up to 4050 bottles/hr, depending on design and cavitation. Targeted applications range from small hotel-amenity, liquor, and energy-drink containers (50-ml) to wide-mouth containers for peanut butter, mayonnaise, and toys. Tooled appropriately, the machine is capable of processing PET, PLA, PC, and recycled PET in neck sizes up to 94 mm. PP processing can also be handled when the machine is fitted with conditioning blow capabilities.

The new ASB-150DPW one-step machine reduces the energy cost per container by approximately 40% compared to the single-row machine. Since the machine's design is based on the existing ASB-150DP, almost 70% of the components are the same on both machines, meaning processors already using the established machines can reduce maintenance costs by sharing spare parts.

●HSB-6M: Hot-Fillable Jar Molding
The HSB-6M features ASB’s patented double-blow heat-set technology to mass-produce lightweight hot-fillable jars, perfect for jams and pastes. Replacing glass containers, the lightweight PET containers not only reduce losses through breakage but also reduce CO² emissions through lower energy consumption during transport and manufacturing. Molding containers in this way not only benefits your company but the environment as well.