Demand for micro-medical parts fuels growth at MTD


Powered by rising demand from the medical device industry, sales at MTD Micro Molding (Charlton, MA) will grow 20% this year from the $5.3 million recorded in 2010, CEO Dennis Tully told in an interview.

And that's a slowdown.

"Our annual sales growth has been as high as 60% in the previous five years because of our focus on micro parts for the medical market," Tully said.

By the end of the year, MTD will complete installation of a 1200-square-foot Class 8 cleanroom that, once filled, will increase the company's number of molding cells from 10 to 18.

One of the biggest challenges the company faces is convincing design engineers at medical device manufacturers how small they can go. "We regularly have meetings with engineers to educate them about exactly what is possible. They are generally surprised at how small they can design components," commented Tully....
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