Demand continues to grow for ovenable-lidding films


With schedules showing no sign of slowing down, more people are reaching for packaged food thanks to its convenience. As such, the trend for food on-the-go continues to open up new opportunities for packaging companies. The latest example of this is the expansion of the LumiLid brand from Toray Plastics.

All LumiLid films are now FDA-compliant for use with oven temperatures of up to 400°F for 30 minutes. End users and converters can choose Toray's clear, white, or metallized LumiLid films for lidded refrigerated and frozen side dishes and entrees that require high heat for cooking or reheating.

"It's very significant," Milan Moscaritolo, senior director of sales for Toray Plastics, told PlasticsToday. "A lidding film that is suitable for use with refrigerated or frozen foods that are cooked or reheated in oven temperatures of up to 400° for 30 minutes gives end users and packaging engineers more flexibility and more choices in applications."
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