Dallas passes partial plastic bag ban


List Dallas under the latest city to pass a plastic bag tax. By a vote of 8-6 the Dallas City Council passed the "environmental fee ordinance," which bans single-use carryout bags at all city facilities and events while still allowing retailers to use plastic and paper bags, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Beginning January 1, 2015, retailers will be required to charge five cents per bag. In addition, the ordinance requires those retailers handing out plastic bags to register with the city and keep track of the bags sold.

Money raised from the bag fees will go toward funding enforcement and education efforts. It could cost the city $250,000 this year to educate the public and the city's 20,000 retailers.

The American Progressive Bag Alliance called this vote "a move that will fail to accomplish any environmental goals while jeopardizing 4,500 Texas jobs and hurting consumers."
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