DME speeds up hot runner delivery, broadens social media outreach


A focus on improving production and delivery practices in cooperation with its component sourcing partners has cut lead times for DME on its hot runner systems, with components now available with same-day shipping; manifolds and components in 3-4 weeks; unitized systems in 4-5 weeks; and full hot-half systems in 5-6 weeks.

Manifolds and critical components, including nozzles, heaters, support pads, dowels, terminal boxes, and a design guide for layout of pocket machining arrive completely machined to customer specifications with flow channels, both horizontal and vertical, and end plugs. DME says the fast delivery is available on its open-gate hot runner nozzles, including leading lines such as Stellar, Galaxy, Hot One, Gate-Mate, and Cool One.

The company's unitized Hot One, Galaxy, and Stellar Systems can be delivered already plumbed, assembled, pre-heated, tested, and ready to go. DME says its unitized systems offer several benefits, including prevention of potential damage like pinched thermocouples or cut wires; proper wiring and plumbing are ensured; and potential leaks can be eliminated through properly installed seal rings....
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