DMA 25 01dB-Metravib, the world-renowned Dynamic Mechanical Analysis specialist, introduces a brand new Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer: DMA25.

Cost-effective, powerful and flexible, DMA25 allows performing a large variety of viscoelastic characterization tests: glass transition determination, frequency sweep, creep and stress relaxation test, etc…

With a force range of +/-25 Newtons (50 Newtons peak to peak), DMA25 offers an excitation force 3 to 4 times higher than its competitors; this characteristics makes possible testing nearly all types of materials and a large variety of specimen geometries.
Moreover, if application to rigid materials or big specimens is required, it is possible to “boost” the DMA25 force range to +/-50 Newtons with a cost-effective upgrade.

Its frequency domain (0,00001Hz à 200Hz) and temperature domain (-150°C to 500°C (600°C in option)) are also adapted to cover application specially diversified.

Beyond the more current DMA tests, DMA25 may receive innovating specimen holders dedicated to indentation tests or to the polymerization follow up, and a humidity controlled chamber.
Last but not least, the DMA25 test frame is reversible; tests requiring the specimen immersion inside a liquid bath can then be performed very easily without test modes restriction either making necessary to buy expensive adaptations.

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