WM Wrapping Machinery S.A.


The Swiss company WM WRAPPING MACHINERY SA has delivered to the Russian customer Diapazon ZAO, based at Moscow, a complete IN LINE thermoforming plant dedicated to the production of disposable HIPS plates.
The line, model INTEC 1000, produces up to 35.000 pieces per hour, plates diam. 210 mm and weight of 7 gr. and includes: raw material dosing-mixing and feeding group, extruder, special thermocalender, forming machine, waste reprocessing as well as packaging unit for the end product.
The forming tool has a dimension of 1000x1000 mm and it is made of 16 cavities (for diam. 210 mm).
The forming station uses in-mould punching concept and forming is obtained by vacuum.
The plates are punched down into the lower part of the tool and counted, when the wanted number has been obtained, the entire piles are evacuated on a conveyor belt.
At the exit of the conveyor belt, the piles of plates are transferred to the following packaging operations.
The scrap leaves the forming tool and enters the granulator, then is directly blown back to the dosing-mixing unit over the extruders.
IN LINE process offers great advantages:
due to the immediate thermoforming of the extruded sheet, the characteristics of the foil are uniform. This enables improved mechanical and structural properties and better aesthetic appearance to the final product.
When forming, the residual temperature for the extruded sheet reduces the amount of the required heating.
With in-line extruder, the winding of the sheet into rolls is eliminated, saving all the handling time and storage requirements giving a marked reduction in the required space.
Furthermore the immediate recycling of the scrap prevents contamination and leads to improved quality of the product.
WM WRAPPING MACHINERY SA, world-wide represented by MEICO S.R.L., is based in Stabio/Switzerland and manufactures a wide range of thermoforming machines, vacuum and pressure forming, In Line and Off Line versions, including punch and die machines with tilting lower platen and steel rule cutting forming machines.
More information available on our website www.meico.it