Guangzhou Huayan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


Epioneer-400PET.V Injection Molding Machine
In this April, once again, Guangzhou Huayan Company and Shenzhen Simon Group sat together, signing the deal of 2 Epioneer-400PET.V with 128-cav systems. The 2 systems guarantee an annual PET preform production volume of 800 million pieces.

The 2 systems will be put in Maanshan Production Base under Simon Group, producing preforms for C’estbon water bottles of 350ml, 550ml and 1500ml. These projects are all OEM advised by C’estbon Group which is a Chinese leading drinking water supplier, also Huayan’s direct customer.

The president of Simon Group Mrs. Liu Yuhao spoke highly of Huayan Epioneer system, for its directional-pressure clamping stability, advancement of electrical plasticization and particularly the energy saving capability. The production cost is minimized and this grants it a huge advantage in the market.