Guangdong Decro Package Films Co.,Ltd.


With many years spent focusing on Greener solution for package, DECRO very proudly present you DECRO Light Family Members, providing you the real Lighter and Greener packaging options, helping you achieve considerable saving through 8 means, from direct down-gauge, low density, energy saving, less CO2 emission, less logistics and stock space, the green footprint goes further to Oxo-biodegradable, longer shelf-life for packed food and easy recycle process!

The DECRO Light Family Members cover all kinds of packing and label application, from lamination, pouch making, bag making, WRL, PSL, and shrink sleeve. They are of BOPP, BOPE, PO film that combining cross-functional of different packing materials in one, thus optimize the whole process link to a greener view, as well as easier and quicker handling feature.

They are :

  • DECROlam—Co-extruded Thermal film

  • DECROpack—Co-extruded Oriented Down-gauge PE film

  • DECROshrink—Co-extruded TD Shrink Polyolefin film

  • DECROwhite— Cavitated Embossable PP film

  • DECROfresh— Anti-fog (anti-bacterial) PP film