Customized silicones furnished for medical applications


Bluestar Silicones (Anaheim, CA) has launched a customized approach to the manufacture of antimicrobial silicone products which offers OEMs and processors tailored material solutions to meet specific healthcare application needs.

Unlike competitive offerings that are "one size fits all," Bluestar Silicones is able to fine-tune its products and deliver materials that precisely fit the application without sacrificing performance. The company made the announcement at the recent Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West conference, organized by owner UBM Canon.

Medical device makers are seeking new material solutions to inhibit bacterial growth and combat the increase in cases of hospital-borne infections. During a two-year research and development project, Bluestar Silicones examined a wide range of antimicrobial additives, both organic and inorganic, and assessed their impact on silicone materials. This body of knowledge enables the company to provide tailor-made antimicrobial products without a sacrifice in performance....
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