Custom overmolding cell helps “reshore” pet bowl project


Fido and hiscanine peers were not happy with his pet food and water bowls, and neither were his owners. The work was being handled overseas, quality was poor and the non-slip bottoms fell off, so Fido ended up shoving his bowls all over the room. Also unhappy was the brand owner; shipments arrived with many of the non-slip add-ons not attached as they fell off during shipping. Profit was down too. It approached Vallmar Engineering, which developed a custom automated over-molding system/machine to apply a non-slip polymer to the metal dog bowls.

The work overseas had been done manually. Workers were applying a non-slip rubber/polymer to the bottom of its pet food bowls. But handling and shipping took its toll so that, by the time the product arrived in North America for selling, too many of the non-slip plastic add-ons had fallen off the bowls, creating waste, loss of time and loss of profit....
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