Custom molder shows how reshoring can work


Lights, camera, action! Television cameras and a reporter from Channel 4 KMOV (St. Louis, MO) showed up at Wilco Molding in Maryland Heights, MO, near St. Louis, to film a “Good News 4 A Change” feature on how the company has managed to bring molding business back from China. Gary Guetterman, director of operations for Wilco, explained that the customer had molded the parts in the St. Louis area for a number of years, but then sent the work to China because of price. “China built the mold and gave them a real cheap price on the parts,” says Guetterman.

Wilco has been in business for 50-plus years with four generations of the Williams family. In fact, Wilco’s founder, 87-year-old Stanley Williams, still presides over the company. His son, Kim Williams, serves as general manager of Wilco Molding. Over the years, the company, which started out in 1951 as Wilco Die, Tool & Machine Co., a moldmaking company, implemented various strategies to grow the business. Today, two other divisions operate under the Wilco name: Wilco Molding, which has 17 Toyo presses ranging from 55-500 tons—five of them all-electric machines in a cleanroom molding area—and Wilco Automation LLC, which was formed in 2008 to provide greater value-added capabilities for customers needing customized automation equipment for specialized manufacturing operations....
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