Curver selects Sarlink TPV for new product line

A suitable Sarlink TPV grade has been carefully selected to meet Curver's demands for this new ‘Chef@Home' and ‘Pet Life' line. The material used has to show low compression set, combined with extremely good sealing properties and excellent temperature performance. For this type of product, meeting the high standards of dishwasher resistance is of great importance. Materials should show low deformation at increased temperatures, excellent chemical resistance and retention of properties after multiple high temperature cycles in the dishwasher. So far, TPVs are the only thermoplastic elastomers that are qualified and pass the more strict dishwasher testing requirements of 75°C to 85°C.

A further major challenge, as can be expected from a high end producer like Curver, is consistent colours without visible batch-to-batch variation. The chosen Sarlink material has excellent colourability combined with a superb surface finish.

Compatible with PP and PE

Sarlink also provides another benefit in demanding food applications. By using a two-shot injection moulding process, Sarlink can adhere to PP and PE materials, of which most modern food savers, bowls, and other plastic kitchen utensils are made. The adhesion of Sarlink TPVs to PP and PE materials results in a strong cohesive bound and watertight interface between the container and the soft seals.

Sarlink's Global Marketing Director Rolf Schrauwen about their partnership with Curver: "We are delighted to have partnered with Curver for these new applications. With a clear trend towards increasing demands with respect to higher temperatures and need for improved chemical resistance, Sarlink have become the best choice when a soft touch grip or an elastic seal is needed with excellent durability, good chemical resistance and very good performance at increased temperatures. Our partnership with Curver is the best proof for this.”
Curver's European Technical Director, Marcel de Jong, adds: "Using Sarlink for our new product lines really gave us the solution we were looking for. Their Product Safety Department has supported us in the best possible way with all necessary food declarations with respect to the material use and their experience with regulatory compliance was really useful.”

More on Sarlink TPVs for food applications in the next issue of TPE Magazine, published end of August.