Currier Plastics invests in additional Sumitomo Injection Molding machines


Currier Plastics, a custom injection molder and blowmolder, is adding Sumitomo Injection Molding (IM) machines in a move the company says will strengthen its medium-tonnage range for lid and cap molding. The new additions (HSZ and EV series) are all electric and are designed to be more energy efficient, provide a cleaner molding environment, and be more precise at higher speeds and pressures.

Sumitomo's "zero-molding" patent-pending technology aims to bring waste and defects as close to zero as possible. The benefits that Currier are looking for include improved filling balance, a prolonged mold life, labor and energy savings, better mold clamping precision, and improved injection accuracy.

"Simply put, these new machines will enable a better part to be molded, at a better cycle time because the mold will open, close, inject and recover faster, with a reduction in energy usage," said Sriraj Patel, IM project engineering manager, in the news release....
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