Cryogenic solutions to plastic part deflashing and deburring


Cryogenic solutions for deflashing and deburring plastic parts is becoming an increasingly popular method for removing flash, burrs, and gate vestiges in molded or machined components. Typical removal methods of these residual burrs or flash, including hand-cleaning each part individually with an X-Acto knife, are time consuming and costly.

According to Jordan Anderson, Account Manager for Nitrofreeze Cyrogenic Solutions, which began operations in 2004, one of the primary advantages of the Nitrofreeze Cryogenic technology is that it turns flash and burr removal into a batch process in which anywhere from 10 to 1000 pieces (depending on size) can be deflashed at once.

In the cryogenic process, liquid nitrogen is flashed into the machine's chamber, which contains the basket of parts. The temperature of the machine is computer controlled and preprogrammed based on the material needing to be deflashed or deburred; temperatures can drop to as low as -125°F. Once the desired temperature is reached, the parts are tumbled and blasted with polycarbonate media to remove the unwanted flash, burrs, or gate vestiges.
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