Crying ‘wolf’ on plastics is anti-science

We all remember the story of the little boy who cried ‘wolf’ so many times to get the attention of people that when a wolf actually showed up to eat him, no one paid any attention. Now a coalition, the Independent Women’s Forum, is calling out the “Mind the Store” campaign for its anti-science demands that stores rid shelves of thousands of common, safe consumer products. The Independent Women’s Forum is urging retailers to stand firm against what it says is a “well-funded, anti-science campaign of fear.”

The coalition hopes to counteract what it calls a “culture of alarmism” through a coalition letter, “signed by 23 prominent pro-freedom organizations to call out a misinformed assault on chemicals, retailers and consumers.” The letter was sent to the nation’s 10 largest retailers, urging them to stand firm against the “Mind the Store” campaign, headed by what the group calls a “radical environmental organization” (Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families) that relies on “junk science to spread fear and misinformation about chemicals.”

The Independent Women’s Forum says that “removing popular and safe products from store shelves will do nothing to improve public health.” Members of this coalition share a commitment to identifying false alarmism, flawed science, and manufactured hysteria and providing a reasonable voice to counteract efforts to limit consumer choices, stifle free-enterprise, and take away our freedoms.”

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