Cromex makes a global launch of masterbatches for Green Plastic and biodegradable resins in K Fair 2010

The company will bring for the largest global plastics fair its sustainable development focused product ranges and the new colors and additives aimed at improving plastics performance, from manufacture to recycling.

Cromex, Brazil’s market leader in masterbatches, will make the global launch of its product lines of plastics with characteristics of sustainability, during the K Fair 2010, which will take place in Germany, between October 27 and November 3.
The company, which exports to over 60 countries, will show at the world’s largest plastic chain fair its new lines of color compounds and additives developed for plastics made from green polyethylene (PE), from renewable source, and the biodegradable resins based on polylactic acid (PLA), derived from plants.
Green PE is a resin from renewable source of sugar cane ethanol, developed by Braskem, a Brazilian resin manufacturer. PLA is a bioplastic, which takes 3-4 months to decompose, provided it is under composting conditions (80% humidity at a constant temperature higher than 60ºC). Cromex developed special color and additives lines to be applied in these two different types of plastics, consistent with their specific characteristics.
The goal with these releases is to serve markets such as automotive, toys, cosmetics and personal care packaging, among others, which increasingly demand products that reduce environmental impact, both in the production process, and in the disposal. "Our developments are in line with the newest solutions that combine innovation with sustainability," said Sergio Wajsbrot, president of Cromex.

Technology and performance products – In addition to the sustainable line, Cromex will also introduce new additives and colors with silver nanoparticles to the K fair visitors. Nanotechnology applied to masterbatches gives bactericidal (kills bacteria) and bacteriostatic (prevents their proliferation) properties to plastics and can be applied to PE, PP, PS, ABS and PET, in all transformation processes.
The company also stands out at creating solutions that optimize manufacturing processes. Among them, the new line of white MB with antifibrillant and UV additive designed to enhance the development of raffia, and the new masterbatches for the production of multifilament, continuous filament and non-woven textiles (PP and PET). Focusing on polymer performance improvement in transformation, the company will exhibit the line of mineral fillers, additives that provide benefits to the transformer, such as improvement of mechanical properties, better dimensional stability and better heat transfer rate.
And yet in the sustainable line, Cromex will bring to the event products designed to improve recycling, such as additives that eliminate residual water, which facilitates the process.

Global Presence – Cromex’s two plants in Brazil have together a production capacity of 132,000 tons and the company has been working on its developments to be increasingly present in international markets. "The K Fair gives us contact with key players in this market, enables us to show our new products, and update us on what's latest in plastics technology," said Cesar Ortega, sales director of Cromex.
To reaffirm its presence worldwide, the company invests in the qualification of its employees, in the improvement production and organizational processes and in technology to support its growth. An example is the new machine allotted to the company unit in Simões Filho, Bahia. This is an extruder with a production capacity of 16,000 ton/year of raw material, which was acquired to expand the company’s productive capacity of black masterbatches.
Cromex has a portfolio of over 13,000 colors and additives, developed by its in-house laboratories, which serve 18 different segments in the transformed plastics industry, including toys, packaging and caps for various sectors (food, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, cleaning) civil construction plastics, auto industry and agribusiness.

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