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Croda Polymer Additives to highlight greener and smarter products under their 2010 campaign theme: Better Brands

Croda Polymer Additives to highlight greener and smarter products under their 2010 campaign theme: Better Brands

- Hall 70B13 -

Recognising that packaging innovation and differentiation go hand in hand with successful brands, Croda is highlighting how its plastics additives can support branding through various material and process improvements. From eliminating the need for costly outer packaging to reducing carbon footprints, the company’s ranges of slip, anti-block, anti-fog, anti-static and UV protection agents are helping to shape a greener and smarter packaging industry. K2010 is also the first time sister company, Croda Coatings & Polymers, will be co-exhibiting to promote its natural ingredients for engineering plastics.

A spokesperson commented: “We’ve chosen ‘Better Brands’ as our K2010 campaign theme to communicate how our speciality Crodamide™ and Atmer™ ranges can positively impact both consumer and B2B brands. In particular, additives can enhance packaging performance in a number of ways without the need for costly re-design. Benefits include reducing dust pick-up on store shelves, protecting pack contents from UV colour fade, and lowering transportation costs by more efficient packing of molded items.
We also have a new ‘green’ brochure out. This lists both our additives from bio-based sources as well as additives for biopolymer applications, and sets out Croda’s green credentials as an environmentally responsible manufacturer.”

Croda also announced it has moved location to 70B13, doubling their usual stand area, where there is greater scope to creatively present product ideas. Key effects on show include:

PET Slip: Speciality slip agent IncroMax 100 is now available as an easy-to-use concentrate, Atmer™ 7510.
UV protection: Solasorb™ UV absorbers are the latest innovation in colour-fade prevention, helping products retain eye-catching colours and maintaining brand integrity.
Anti-static: Atmer™ anti-static agents impart a number of processing and molded article benefits.
Anti-fogging: Keeping brands looking good, Atmer™ anti-fogs effectively reduce film misting, ensuring packaged contents maintain their shelf appeal for longer.
Slip & anti-block: Combining high slip with high stability properties, Incroslip G is the latest addition to Croda’s industry-leading range of slip & anti-block agents.

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