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Croda Polymer Additives Celebrates 45 Years of Crodamides and Introduces

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COWICK HALL, East Yorkshire, UK – Through its commitment to the innovation of high performing polymer additives for forward thinking plastics technologists, Croda Polymer Additives has established itself as a world leader in slip, anti-block, anti-fog, anti-static and UV protection agents. With its focus on ingredients that offer true performance, the company feels well positioned to support the plastics industry of the future and will showcase its offerings this October at K2013 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Celebrating 45 years of success this year, Croda’s slip additives, sold under the Crodamide™ brand, offer great performance. The range delivers optimum product performance, consistent quality and the largest selection of amides in different physical forms on the market today, which supports the many different processing conditions manufacturers are currently using.

This long history of innovation in the area of slip technology has allowed the company to build up a strong knowledge base and a solid understanding of the market needs and conditions. “Croda’s expertise in plastics technology, built on our many years of experience, has allowed us to emerge as market leaders,” said Jill Ullathorne, Technical Marketing Manager – Polymer Additives. “We are so excited to be celebrating 45 years of Crodamides this year, as this celebration acknowledges our long-standing commitment to innovation in this market area, while recognizing how this foundation will support our future growth into new and exciting areas within plastics.”

In support of future innovation, Croda has announced a new line of specialty additives for wood plastic composites (WPC). The Incroflo™ range will help to support customers developing materials for the wood plastic composites area, which is a fast growing plastics industry in Europe. To create these materials, plastic and wood need to be processed together quickly and efficiently. Incroflo specialty additives act as lubricants to allow increased throughput of WPC during processing by increasing flow rate and dispersion. This allows for lower processing temperatures and pressures during manufacture. In addition, the Incroflo™ range:

Acts as a barrier between the WPC and the extruder to reduce wear, especially on screwsOptimises mechanical performance as measured by MOR, MOE and Charpy impact resistance.Improves surface finishReduces water absorption, which can lead to warping.

Croda will be located in Hall 7 at Stand 70/C10 and will have technical experts on hand to discuss projects with its customers, as well as offer samples and literature of the Incroflo and Crodamide ranges in addition to the other products in their wide range of specialty additives.

Notes to editors:

About Croda Polymer Additives – www.croda.com/pa

Founded in 1925 Croda has developed its position as a leading speciality chemical company producing an unrivalled range of naturally derived products for industry. From personal care to polymer additives, home care to health care, lubricants to crop care, Croda technologies will be at the heart of the finished products.

Croda Polymer Additives is a global business offering speciality additives into a wide range of polymer applications.

Croda Polymer Additives provide the following effects: anti-fog, anti-static, mold release, pigment dispersion, slip & anti-block, torque release, UV-absorption, & speciality plasticisers. Croda’s brands for these products are: Atmer, Crodamide, IncroMax, Incroslip, IncroMold, Solasorb, & Priplast

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16 August 2013

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