Crack-resistant HDPE adds life to infrastructure pipelines in China


With increasing urbanisation and continued economic growth, China is struggling to upgrade its infrastructure while utility companies are keen to adopt new solutions that speed up pipeline renovations and installations to provide a long maintenance free service lifetime. During the recent Chinaplas show in Guangzhou, Borouge (Singapore) demonstrated its new high stress, crack resistant (HSCR) PE100 material specifically designed for difficult installation conditions where it can significantly extend the lifetime of the pipeline systems.

Increasingly utility companies are turning to "No-Dig" technology to renovate their old leaking pipelines or install new ones because this technology helps saving considerable costs and reducing disruption to the community. However, using some techniques such as relining or directional drilling may cause damage or scores to the surface of the polyethylene (PE) pipe which can develop into cracks and lead to premature failure of the pipeline. In order to overcome this problem, Borouge developed a new (HSCR) PE100 polymer BorSafe HE3490-LS-H.

"This material provides a much higher resistance to crack growth than the standard PE100 materials, for example, in notched pipe tests the performance an order of magnitude, greater than the 500 hour required for standard PE100 materials," says Cindy Wang, Application Marketing Manager of Borouge....
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